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2020-02-14 - Luke & Adrienne Banner.png

Luke & Adrienne were married on Adrienne's parents property in Rosewood, Wauchope. Planned for Valentines day 2020, I was so excited for this wedding! We met up on the Tuesday before their wedding date to have a little play in front of my camera and go over the schedule for their wedding day. We were preparing ourselves for some wild weather with cyclone Uesi making its way down the coast over the following days.

On the Friday I packed my umbrella, wet weather case and a spare change of clothes, well, none of that was needed. The sun came out HOT. We had clear skies with some scattered clouds but not one bit of rain or wind. Adrienne had her hair completed by a local Wauchope salon and completed her own makeup. Adrienne was so calm and so easy to work with. Her style was her own and she absolutley beamed with confidence.

It was time. Adrienne was walked down the aisle by her father, Quinten. Quinten's face beamed with happiness and pride as he watched his youngest daughter marry the love of her life. Luke waited at the end of the aisle for his bride, so eager to see what she would look like on their wedding day. Once Adrienne appeared Luke was on his toes trying to get a glance. At this moment Luke got a little emotional, my favourite part of any wedding.

Debby South led a beautiful ceremony. Luke & Adrienne exchanged heartwarming vows that were special to the family they were forming together. 

After the ceremony was completed we did a quick confetti photo which turned out fabulous - I would recommend this to every couple, it was so much fun. Bein Valentines day, Luke had a surprise for his new bride. Luke had purchased a bunch of beautiful red roses for Adrienne, just a small reminder of how much he adored her. Adrienne and Luke both dressed in their matching monogrammed demin jackets it was time for bridal party photos and we ventured off onto 2 neighbouring properties, one with aboslutley beautiful gardens and another with breaktaking mountain views. Adrienne and Luke were just full of love and laughter. I am so grateful to have been chosen to be your wedding photographer.

Happy wedding day lovers x

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